How do I apply?

To participate in the Programme, you only need to take a few steps.
Step 1
Meet Programme requirements
Step 2
Go through a selection process and show that you are the best
Step 3
Get training at the Summer Institute.Hooray! You have joined the Programme.

Requirements for applicants

  • Higher education degree (Bachelor's or Master's) received before the beginning of the academic year 2023-2024.
  • Ability to work full-time starting September 1, 2023 (cannot be combined with postgraduate studies or another job).
  • Willingness to relocate/geographical mobility.
  • Citizenship of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • Willingness to get summer-school retraining for teachers.

What do I get?

Becoming part of a unique programme in Kazakhstan
Pedagogical retraining
Stipend for the duration of the programme
Incredible experience of working at a school
New friends and networking
Each candidate must go through a selection process to join the Programme

The selection is a series of activities that include various evaluation tools that will help select the most suitable candidates in line with the criteria established by the Programme.

Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3

Dear candidate, before you fill in the questionnaire, kindly check whether the school subject of your choice is applicable for your profession"You can do so by going to the section Instructions on Choosing a Subject for Teaching"

The first stage consists of 3 parts: Online
Filling in the questionnaire
Candidates need to answer all the questions. Tell us about where you studied, what you achieved as a school and university student and where you worked.
Writing a motivational essay
A motivational essay is a letter explaining why you want to participate in the project. We want to learn about your best qualities and expectations for the Programme.
Working on cases
Working on cases These will be texts that describe certain situations that may arise at school. You need to tell what you would do in a certain situation, providing your rationale in a well-structured manner.
Filling in the application at the 1st stage takes approximately 1.5 hours. We recommend that you should do it at the earliest time possible, since the commission reviews applications as they come in.
Состоит из 2-х частей: Online
Тесты способностей
  • анализ вербальной информации
  • способность к абстрактному мышлению

Ряд вопросов с вариантами ответов направленные на оценку Ваших способностей.

* Это не является оценкой Ваших профессиональных знаний.
при необходимости
Не требует специальной подготовки. Интервьюер задает открытые вопросы, что поможет анализировать Ваше мнение, видение и поведение в различных ситуациях.
Is done face-to-face and consists of 3 parts: Offline
Mock lesson
Prepare a lesson and conduct it in front of a group of observers. The structure of the lesson, its explanations and activities should correspond to a real lesson, with lesson duration allowed to be shorter than usual.
Group activity
This will help assess the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate. This activity will be held jointly with all of the participants, which will enable assessing the capacity for teamwork.
A regular interview will be conducted for us to get to know the candidates and receive additional information if necessary.
Finalists of the selection will be offered to sign agreements on taking part in the Programme (with information provided about the details and conditions of training).
Should a candidate fail to pass one of the selection stages, they will be excluded from the selection.
To ensure transparency, a Selection Commission will be created, comprising experts in school education and assessment.
The results of each stage will be available on our website, and each candidate will also receive a notification by email.
The selection will take place from February 2023 to April 2023.
Applications will be accepted until March 3, 2023.